Bartholomew the Apostle

Bartholomew the Apostle is commemorated on June 11th.

After the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, Apostle Bartholomew and Phillip were called to preach the Gospel in Syria and Asia Minor. Accompanied by Philip’s sister, Saint Mariamne, they traveled to far and wide preaching which led to many miracles.

At Hieropolis, one of the cities they visited, they healed a blind man named Stachys; once healed, he believed in Christ and was baptized. News spread around the city and many others came to where the Apostles were staying to be healed and baptized. However, the prefect of the city gave orders to arrest them and burn down the house of Stachys. Shortly after, they were sentenced to death. The Apostle Philip was crucified upside down; suddenly, there was an earthquake where many pagans and prefect of the city were swallowed up by it. Others were scared and took down the Apostles, however, The Apostle Philip had died. After making Stachys Bishop of Hieropolis, the Apostle Bartholomew and Saint Mariamne left the city and continued on with their journey.
Preaching the Word of God, Mariamne arrived in Lykaonia, where she peacefully died in her sleep. The Apostle Bartholomew went to India where he translated the Gospel Matthew and converted many pagans to Christ. He also visited Greater Armenia where he worked many miracles, including healing the daughter of King Polymios, who refused to accept them.

Then Polymios with his wife and daughter (and many close to them) accepted baptism. Many people followed their example, but the pagan priests seized the Apostle Bartholomew and was crucified upside down. But from the cross, he continued to proclaim the good news of Christ the Savior. Finally, it was ordered that the Apostle Bartholomew‘s head was to be cut off. Believers placed his relics in a leaden coffin and buried him.

Having received part of his relics, Saint Joseph the Hymnographer moved them to his monastery near Constantinople where he built a church in his name. On the Feast Day, Apostle Bartholomew appears to Saint Joseph took the Holy Gospel from the altar table and said, “May the Lord bless you, and May your song delight the whole world.”

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